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SEO Analysis and things that we need to understand first, all search engines are computer algorithms that have been told what to look for, they've been programmed that way they can't tell if a site simply looks prettier but they can look at a site's code and determine its on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Did you know that the top three spots in Google received nearly 60% of all search engine traffic for any given keyword, not only that but the number one spot gets more traffic than the total traffic of the number two three four and five spots combined.

So even if you’re on the top of the page you’re not guaranteed to get a ton of traffic, and that goes without saying that if you’re on page two or beyond you’re probably not getting enough traffic to convert anything to sales or leads for your product business or service.

When you are in business for a long time, you go through good times and bad times.

When you go through bad times, you learn to control costs, satisfy customers better, satisfy employees better and become more transparent.
Therefore, you build character in the company.